A pest infestation can turn into complete frustration if not handled properly. We want our clients to never have to experience the stress of a returning pest. We are deeply committed to taking our time and serving our clients thoroughly and professionally. Our Pest Management technicians are highly trained in the very best methods for solving your pest control issue.



This involves spraying entire premises with pesticides with little or negligible odour and using Gel Treatment at the vulnerable places of roach infestation. The pest control are carried out at weekends, after office hours or at any time of our client’s convenience.


We identify and carry-out intensive treatment on all the wood work with special odourless and non-toxic chemicals by spray and injection method followed by spot treatment as and when required.


Our White Ant or Termite treatment is highly effective and the anti-termite treatments are supplemented by check up visits at regular intervals for inspection and necessary treatment.


Rodent Control is carried out by using nontoxic, odorless glue boards for trapping rats on the premises

We offer annual contract consisting of 3 treatments or single (one-time) treatment which can be converted to an Annual Contract with supplemental charges.
Frequency of treatment can be adjusted per requirement (based on inspection audit).
Cost will be available on request (based on inspection audit).
For Homes : We offer annual contract with initial treatment and regular check-up. Repeat treatment is done if necessary. In case entire building is treated, a 5 years Service Warranty* is provided.
We offer 10 years Service Warranty* from the date of commencement of treatment. *Subject to Terms & Conditions

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