As an outsourced service, mail room management is aimed at automating the process of receiving, sorting and distributing incoming mail and its associated processes in businesses. Mail room management services frequently combine document scanning and document capture technologies to create digital copies of incoming mail.

Advanced Mailroom management allows your organization to recover and reconfigure valuable floor space of your facility. Advanced Services can receive your mail at one of our geographically dispersed locations or set up mailroom operations at a customer designated location. Our total image-based solutions can process your information faster and more cost effectively than performing the work in-house. The mailroom process begins by receiving, opening, sorting, and batching critical documents.

Through our services, you can access our expertise in mail generation; mail processing, shipping & delivery systems.

Advanced significantly improves your operations by:

  • Evaluating and managing courier and messenger services.
  • Improving distribution of internal communications and packages.
  • Improving preparation of outgoing mail.
  • Increasing the reliability of your mail, courier and shipping & delivery services.
  • Planning for back-up and recovery.
  • Optimizing capital equipment and space
  • Reducing costs

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