Most of the high-rise buildings today have a beautiful glass facade. Facade cleaning services takes a lot of time and can also expose the cleaning person to a considerable risk. Besides, there are many surfaces that are difficult to access and can’t be cleaned at all.

Our motto is, “WE MEAN IT WHEN WE CLEAN IT!” and with a decade of experience in this area, our clients can rest assured that our facade cleaning services Mumbai, Inc., will provide the best service ever. As an accredited ‘Better Business Bureau’ member, we have been awarded the “Seal of Excellence too!.” Our commitment to the highest standards of excellence and integrity motivates us to provide the best facade cleaning service in the market.

We specialize in power washing for residential and commercial customers, using the lowest pressure possible to achieve the desired results without damaging any architectural construction. Apart from facade cleaning services Mumbai, we also offer a program to control mold and mildew regrowth on a quarterly basis.

We also design Facade Access Systems which are essential for buildings with glass/ACP/granite facade, keeping in mind the architectural design and maintenance requirements. Apart from keeping the building clean; it helps in sustaining the Facade and enhances the life of the building. On being involved from the drawing table stage, we will recommend the best possible facade cleaning solutions for your building.

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