I am glad to announce that our services have been a great help to our Firm. The staff working is so disciplined & well groomed. All the members of our Corporate are happy with our services as there are no issues in the office. Everything runs smoothly, we don’t need to invest our time in such services Hence, our time is utilized on the right things, hope to have this amazing support in the future as well thank you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent services you have been providing by servicing our properties. I appreciate your professionalism as well as your nature to understand our business. Because of the care taken by you thoroughly of premises, Our employees were able to use the offices immediately without any fuss or inconvenience. I didn’t have to be concerned with any damp damp odour wet surface areas.
I expect the consistent and continued support from Advanced FMS & Security Services Pvt. Ltd team in future.

Advanced Fms & Security Services have been providing services in our company for several years now. They are reliable and professional in their work. Over the years services have been upgraded. 0% Absenteeism is one of the best advantages of this firm.

Advanced FMS & Security Services provides all the services under one roof. There is no outsourcing and the staff is highly trained. We are happy with the services. The firm is genuine and caring for its clients and delivers more than expected. Hoping to have this support and care in the future constantly.

I Would like to thank you for continuous support extended from your advanced FMS & security services Pvt ltd. Operations team, it was easy to understand their facility management & cleaning processes for SOP’S almost instantly. Projects that use to take more hours of time to do, now are completed in minimum time.

After searching through many facility management companies, we find that Advanced FMS suits our needs and requirements. Advanced FMS Team has effectively worked and met our expected standards. Entire facility at kurla is managed by Advanced FMS & Security Pvt Ltd, Team. We our appreciate their efforts of continuous support provided by their team.